This is Your Year!

 We have a LIMITED amount of spots for our Homebuyer Boot camp. To be considered for the boot camp we ask that all interested homebuyers fill out the C&L  Realty Homebuyer Bootcamp Form below by Jan 23,2021. 

Privacy Policy 

Please note that filling out this questionnaire does not mean that you are automatically enrolled in the C&L Homebuyer Boot camp.  This questionnaire is only used as one way to determine if a potential homebuyer qualifies for our program. C&L Realty observes all data protection laws and will not sell nor distribute any of the information in this form to third parties. 

C&L Realty Homebuyer Bootcamp Form

Have you ever filed for Bankruptcy?

What is your current martial status?

Do you feel as though you are coach able and also willing to go through an intensive boot camp process?

Do you have $199 to get started with the C&L Homebuyer Boot camp?

15 + 6 =